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One river, one piece of garbage at a time.

At the age of 17, while working as a commercial fisherman and barge hand Chad Pregracke began to realize how neglected the rivers were, the vast accumulation of unsightly and toxic trash along their banks was just too much to ignore. Chad contacted numerous government agencies to notify them of the problem, assuming someone would take care of it, there wasn’t and they didn’t. So he decided that, if no one else was going to clean up the river, he would.


In 1998 at the age of 23, Chad founded Living Lands & Waters. Today, the organization has grown to include a full staff and fleet of equipment. The crew averages nine states a year along the Mississippi, Illinois and Ohio Rivers, as well as many of their tributaries. Since the project’s inception, Chad, his crew, and over 87,000 volunteers have collected 9 million pounds of debris from our nation’s greatest rivers.


The Lumeo team was inspired after attending one of Living Lands & Waters educational workshops in which Chad mentioned that he speaks in support of so many other organizations it’s hard to promote his own. Lumeo knew how to help.


A sticker was chosen as the medium of choice due to its egalitarian nature, a deceptively simple yet potent medium in which to empower participates to spread the message and inspire new volunteers.


The final design iteration emulates the vast floating trash heaps on the Mississippi, this accomplished several goals. It tied the design to the history of the organization, deepening its educational significance. It also acts as background in which to communicate a larger message, that trash in and around river systems may seem like an insurmountable issue but can be overcome through education, involvement and action. The stickers design reinforces this messaging using positive and negative elements to create the illusion of one image from a distance and a second on further inspection, so as the viewer moves closer to discover all the details of its construction they quickly realize how to be part of the solution.

The Great Mississippi

River Cleanup

9 Million Pounds

of Trash Cleaned

Since 1998


(Check them off as you go)

 Old Tire

 Baseball Cap

 Bowling Ball

 Boat Bumper

 Ping-Pong Balls

 6 Pack Rings

 Toy Doll

 Shot Glass



 Bird (Mountain Bluebird)

 Fish (Walleye)




 5 Gallon Bucket

 TV Set


 Sick Python (Chad’s)



 Alcoa (logo)

 Spark Plug

 Axe Blade

 Computer Mouse

 Propane Tank

 Pizza Slice



 Soccer Ball

 White Oak

 Spray Can

 Tennis Ball

 VHS Tape


 Fishing Float

 Plastic Bag

 Styrofoam Cup


 Coffee Mug

 BBQ Tongs

 Styrofoam bit (small)

 Green Stink Bug

 Soda Can

Fishing Line

 Clams (Where it all started)

 Big Wheel


 Water Bottle


 Trash Bag

 Toothpaste tube

 Oak Leaf



 Rubber Boots



 Duck Decoy

 Apple Core


 Message in a Bottle

 Shotgun Shell

 House Key


 High Heel

 John Deere (logo)

 Leg Bone (Tibia)



 Light Bulb


 55 Gallon Drum


 Utility Knife

 Coffee Cup (disposable)

 Soda Can (crushed)


 Outboard Motor

 Dummy Leg

 Boat Key


 Fishing Hooks

 Rusty Nails

 Tree Branch

 Styrofoam bit (big)


 Barge Line

 Life Jacket

 Drill Bit

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